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Derg Corra Collective – Afghan (Helmand)

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Breeder/Brand Derg Corra Collective
Genetics Afghan landrace
Variety Indica
Flowering type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
Grows Indoor, outdoor
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Harvest month late september - start october (at lat. 54)
Medical conditions PTSD, sleeplessness, pain, loss of appetite, stress
Medicinal properties Yes
Flavor/smell Sweet, kush, earthy/forest
Effect Body effect, couch lock, afslappende, sedativa, stoned

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Afghan (Helmand) from Derg Corra Collective is an indica dominant landrace from Afghanistan. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Flowering time is 8-10 weeks indoor and outdoor at lat. 54 it will be finished around start october - at lower lats it will be earlier. The strain has many purple phenotypes and gives a very characteristic stoned, indica effect.

There is a little backstory to how Derg Corra Collective got their hands on this strain:

This afghani strain were given to Derg Corra Collective by a danish soldier which had been stationed in Afghanistan. The soldier told the DCC that they often hid in the cannabis field to rest and took some buds with them when they left. The buds were often full of seeds and he took some of these seeds with him back to Denmark. The soldier was not a smoker, but he came home with PTSD and his solider buddies told him, that this strain could help him with the PTSD symptoms. He therefore contacted me (DCC), because he knew I was a stoner and grower, and he asked if he could use the plants in another way than smoking it. I told him about cannabis oil and told him to read up on it. He did and he wanted to try it, so I grew out a couple of plants and made some oil for him. The oil helped with his PTSD symptoms and therefore he wanted to learn to grown himself. He is know a small-scale homegrower that grows exclusively to make medical cannabis oil for himself.

Derg Corra Collective really liked this strain, so why not let the masses have a go at it?





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