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Free tracked shipping on all orders over 135 euros to all EU countries (Be aware that not all european countries are members of the European Union!) Because of Brexit we can sadly not send tracked packages to Great Britain anymore))

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Alle vores forsendelser bliver sendt i neutrale boblekuverter eller forsendelseskasser uden relation til indholdet.

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There is freebies with all orders over 2 seed packets!


New Breeder of Outdoor Seeds

La Buena Hierba is a dutch breeder, which specializes in making outdoor hybrids for challenging climates. LBH works with very mould-resistant, early strains in general - but we have selected even further amongst their strains and picked only the earliest and most resistant strains!


Feminised Outdoor Seeds from England

Real Gorilla Seeds is an english breeder, which focuses on early, mould-resistant and feminised strains for more northern climates. Their selections is of ´tried and true´ outdoor workhorses, but also crosses of an more exotic nature.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our products or anything else regarding your purchase, or ask in our Facebook group Nordic Grow, hvor du kan stille teamet bag spørgsmål direkte og komme i kontakt med andre i vores community i en privat, lukket gruppe.


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Betaling foregår enten med kredit kort eller Mobilepay for danske kunder og kredit kort betaling eller bankoverførsel for alle kunder i Europa.

En undtagelse er dog desværre svenske kunder, hvor enten de svenske banker eller regeringen har blokeret for kredit kort betaling for alt cannabisrelateret! Til svenske kunder kan vi derfor kun tilbyde almindelige bankoverførsler eller at man selv bruger bankoverførselstjenester fra fx. Trustly, Revolut og Paypal´s Xoom service – BEMÆRK: IKKE ALMINDELIG PAYPAL, DA VI IKKE HAR EN PAYPAL KONTO OG IKKE FÅR DET!



In Scandinavia and the rest of Europe we send our shipments with regular postal letters or DAO (DAO only for shipments over 135 euros). We always try to deliver directly to your adress with DAO, but in some instances this is not always possible (fx. to many adresses in Sweden DAO will only send to parcel shops for delivery). Both regular postal letters and DAO take between 3-6 weekdays to reach the destination (but do expect longer delivery of ordering around hollidays and vacation periods). OBS! WE SHIP OUTSIDE OF EU, BUT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ´STEALTH SHIPMENT´ OPTION - WE WILL ONLY REPLACE SHIPMENTS CAUGHT IN CUSTOMS IF YOU CHOOSE ´STEALTH SHIPMENT´ - WE WILL NOT (!) REPLACE ANY NORMAL LETTER SHIPMENTS, NO MATTER THE SIZE! IF YOUR LETTER GETS CAUGHT, IT`S ON YOUR OWN DIME!

Feminised Outdoor Seeds

This category has feminised outdoor seeds from carefully picked european breeders to secure they can finish in our climate. Opposite to many of the feminised outdoor seeds from Holland or Spain, these seeds are much earlier and has better mould-resistance.

Outdoor Seeds from Hybrids From Hell

This category contains regular seeds from the danish breeder Hybrids From Hell. These strains have been acclimatized to northern climates over many years - in some cases, decades even!

Outdoor Seeds from the dutch breeder La Buena Hierba

This category contains regular strains from the dutch breeder La Buena Hierba. LBH has lots of experience with breeding, and focuses on early, mould-resistant strains, which are good for nordic or other cold and damp climates.

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You can contact os via emailon the phone number +4550209924 on weekdays between 12 -16, our facebook site or by writing a PM directly to Canna Clausen.



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