Tanska Seed Development – Nepal x Viking – 10 frø

100,00 DKK


  • Kryds af  Nepal og Viking – f2 (ikke stabiliseret)
  • Type: 50/50 indica/sativa (både indica og sativa fænoer)
  • Blomstring: 7-8 uger
  • Højde: medium – høj
  • Udbytte: Medium – høj
  • Mugresistens: Høj – meget høj
  • Potens: Mellem – høj

6 på lager



10 frø pr. pakke

Beskrivelse af Viking fra avler


Viking is an old Dutch strain probably made from an Afghan landrace. She shows purple hues in flower and brings on a sweet hashy taste with earthy undertones. She’s very easy to grow out- and indoor aswell. This strain is very muscle relaxing, and is very good for insomnia too. Couchlock effect. The reproduction of this strain was made by Bald Man Lala for the Derg Corra Collective.

Indica/sativa 90/10% (probably)
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Smell: Hashy/earthy
Taste: Sweet/Hashy
Buzz: Stoned/Relaxed/Munchies

Respond very well to organic growstyles.


Beskrivelse af Nepal fra avler


We don’t know if Nepal is really from Nepal but it must have come to Denmark before 1978 because it was about that time Tanska got some seeds and started growing them. Unfortunately he didn’t get much info about them (or he has forgotten it) except that the dealer he got them from said they were from Nepal. He has grown Nepal since then so we are sure it has been growing in Denmark for about 30 years. Nepal is a well-adapted and early strain good for outdoors in Denmark. They finish during September sometimes earlier. We rarely find mold in them (not impossible though) and we have heard the same from growers further north than Denmark. The plants are often very leafy but there are also many good phenos in between. The buzz is also different from plant to plant most have the “common Danish pot” buzz but there are good chances to get something better from these. Nepal is clearly sativa dominated also in effect.





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