Tanska Seed Development – MF x Eirdbei – 10 frø

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  • Karakteristik

    • Mighty Freeze x Eirdbei – ikke stabiliseret kryds – f2
    • Type: 50/50 indica/sativa (vil have både indica og sativa fænoer)
    • Blomstring: 7-9 uger
    • Højde: medium – høj
    • Udbytte: Medium – høj
    • Mugresistens: medium – høj
    • Potens: medium  – høj

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10 frø pr. pakke


Beskrivelse af Eirdbei fra avler

Originally from the now defunct Dutch seedbank, Basic Seeds, who created and took it to f3 — this is a Dutch recreation of the old Swiss strawberry known as ‘Erdbeer’. Erdbeer is a sativa dominant variety known for being a very good outdoor performer in colder/wetter climates, and for producing near rock-hard buds that hold up well to processing. By utilizing the genetics of the father in this hybrid, Basic Seeds improved the potency and medicinal profile as compared to the original swiss ‘erdbeer’ without losing any of the ‘performance’ of the Erdpurt mother.

LaBuena Hierba took it two more generations, to f5. Tanska Seeds in Denmark took it to f7.


Beskrivelse af Mighty Freeze fra avler


Mighty Freeze F5 is an original crossing between Mighty might x Friesland, bred by Seeds of Freedom until F4. After Generation F4, Tanska seed development took over the breeding of this strain. Mighty Might is Canadian and Friesland is Dutch.

This strain doesn’t get very tall, a maximum of about 2 meters.

Tanska Seed Development harvested this strain around mid september. The effect is quite good and the yield is medium. Mighty Freeze has been bred very well, so the strain is both stabile and early, and the phenos is high quality.


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