CBD CREW – MED GOM 1.0 Auto Feminized – 3 frø

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BREEDER Grass-O-Matic Seeds
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Feminised
CBD CONTENT 4% – 15%
YIELD 25 – 50 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT up to 1 metre
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 60 – 65 days
MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Therapeutic, curative and preventive effects. Keeps alert and reduce THC psychotomimetic effects (tachycardia, loss of memory and concentration, anxiety)

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215kr for en pakke med 3 frø


Med GOM 1.0 is the product of a “joint” venture between Grass-O-Matic and CBD Crew. The goal was to produce a high-CBD auto-flowering medicinal marijuana strain and in that they have been successful.

All of the female plants from this strain will produce a minimum of 4% CBD (cannabidiol) and will be mature in just 60 – 65 days from germination. There is a natural variation in the production of cannabinoids with THC:CBD varying from 1:1 to 1:2 with the actual levels reaching a maximum of 10% THC and 15% CBD according to conditions and grower skill.

MED GOM 1.0 will grow in any environment and will seldom attain a height of more than 100 cm. tall. It produces compact buds which are sticky with THC-bearing resin exuding a perfume that is a mixture of citrus with notes of spices. Yield is only average at between 25 – 50 gr/plant but this is more than compensated for by the quality.

CBD is known to have anti-psychotomimetic effects helping with tachycardia, loss of memory / concentration as well as anxiety which can occur with high-THC / low-CBD cannabis.


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