Derg Corra Collective – Mighty Mite IBL

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Mighty Mite: grown in BC (British Columbia) for many years

Breeder: Derg Corra Collective

Variety: Indica dominant - regular semi auto/auto

Flowering: 8-9 weeks

Height: low - medium (up to around 1m)

Mould Resistance: medium - high

Potency: High


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Mighty Mite means: "something that is very small, but very powerful or potent"

Mighty Mite is a semi-autoflowering strain from British Columbia, USA. It is breed from an almost pure indica from the Himalays, which has been inbred for a minimum of 15-20 years and selected for the earliest individuals, high mold resistance and high potency.

Mighty Mite can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but because of the semi-autoflowering properties of the strain, outdoors is best. The autoflowering individuals will start flowering around node 5 or 6 and flower for around 8-9 weeks.

Mighty Mite grows to around 1m in height and is in growth pattern a ´single cola´ type. But don´t be mistaken, that main cola is huge and very potent!

The low heigh and compact growth pattern makes Mighty Mite ideal for grower that do not want to attract to much attention with their plants. Mighty Mite takes around 90 days from seed to fully mature plant, and can therefore be started indoor and later moved outside for a very early harvest.

Mighty Mite has a pleasant smell of pine and tastes of hash with fuel/diesel tones.

The effect of Mighty Mite is rather powerful, but also pleasant with a relaxing indica body effect and medicinal properties.


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