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Hybrids From Hell – Danish Gold

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Danish Gold – Danish Passion x Guerilla Gold

Type: indica dominant
Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Height: medium - high
Yield: medium - high
Mould resistance: high
Potency: medium - high (not yet tested)



Danish Golda Hybrids From Hell classic!!

The genetics behind this cross is the legendary outdoor/guerilla strain Guerilla Gold#3 crossed with Danish Passion. Guerilla Gold#3 is a semi-autoflowering hybrid from the cross Early Gold x (Mighty Mite x Afghan) and Danish Passion is Dutch Passions, Passion#1 crossed with Skunk#1 and grown many years in Denmark. Both are very hardy, potent strains, which are ´tried and true´ and have shown their potential as solid outdoor strains. Danish Gold will get quite a bit bigger than the classic Guerilla Gold#3 and will therefore yield more, but will mature just about as quick and be just as potent.

The effect is relaxing, calming indica with medicinal qualities. Best results with this strain you will get at latitude 45-54 where harvest time will be around 10-25 september.

The strain has a pleasant smell and taste of citrus and marrocan hash.

Commentary from Breederbrad: (the man behind Guerilla Gold#3): "I really like this cross, because it´s so easy to grow and will yield early, potent buds with good flavour. Danish Gold will yield more than Guerilla Gold#3. I think HybridsFromHell have made a really good cross with Danish Gold. High recommendations." 

Commentary from HFH customer: " After growing Danish Gold, I must say - it´s a really good cross! The plants will be quite a bit bigger and produce a lot more than the original Guerilla Gold#3, but will flower just a quickly - it´s a very vigorous strain. Grown to perfection it will probably yield 5-8 oz pr. plant. 


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2 reviews for Hybrids From Hell – Danish Gold

  1. Entman

    I have smoked this strain before. It didn’t make me too sleepy or too anxious, it’s just right. It has a sweet fruity smell with a hint of citrus, and tastes sweet as well. Although not the strongest strain, it is medium in potency. Probably a good strain for someone who’s never smoked weed before, when compared to crazy indoor strains.

  2. Borracho (verified owner)

    Real Keeper outdoors.Approved several times in humid coastal Climate,Latitude 54 northern Germany.

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