Dane Strains – White Cookies Auto

White Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies x Dane’s White Pineapple

Flowering Time: ~ 9-10weeks from seeds

Hight: Up To 1 Meter

Yield: Up to 500gr pr. m2

THC: Tested Up To 22% With Purpl Pro

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White Cookies were our first feminized variety.  In 2016, we began experimenting with feminized seeds.  Which means that all seeds come out as female plants.  We therefore tried to cross a Girl Scout Cookies with our own flagship “Dane’s White Pineapple” and it turned out to be a really good idea.  White Cookies stay between 50-70cm and are ideal in a window sill, patio or balcony.  The smoke is invigorating and evocative.  White Cookies are clearly one of our big favorites.

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