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Dane Strains – Soft Ice Auto

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Soft Ice

Gelato x White Cookies

Flowering Time: ~ 9-10weeks from seeds

Hight: 100-120cm

Yield: Up to 620gr pr. m2

Taste: Mango, Limonade

THC: Tested Up To 23% With Purpl Pro



We had a good eye for the Gelato for a long time, so why not try mixing ice cream and cookies. Soft Ice, as the name says from Gelato, is mixed with our White Cookies. Softice grows to between 100 and 120 cm, with dense side shots.  The smoke is mildly comfortable with a twist of mango and lemonade. Soft Ice is measured up to 23% thc and around 2% cbd.  A delightful smoker with some of the best of the flavor spectrum.  For the smoker who also wants something out of the day.

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